STOY x Njord Gin

10 year anniversary edition

By Mikkel Ugelvig in Eat

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary we’ve teamed up with the local gin-makers Njord, and created a unique and exclusive gin – limited to 200 bottles.

This specially developed batch distilled gin with carefully selected botanicals from both the rough Danish nature and more exotic and mild climes creates a unique, spectacular and surging flavor.

This superior featured collaboration between Njord Gin and STOY combines and presents the very essence of all the best we know and provides the gin with a very special profile and aroma, where a spicier layer supports the flourished herb and citrus notes.

Together, it creates a courageous gin with a very special and distinct depth of taste. For both mixing in delicate cocktails and pure and whole on ice, this is the perfect gin.

We are hosting a release party where you will get a chance to taste the gin – read more on Facebook 

The gin will release in-store and online on August 25 at 17:00 CEST.

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