Back to Reality

We hate being the boring ones to say it out loud but the holiday is over, no more time for late night garden dinners, rosé on a Tuesday and offline hours – it’s time to get back to reality. But why not see it as a fresh start and embrace it with new bits and bobs from STOY. We have gathered a selection to inspire you whether you are a real business man or a student going back to school.

By Louise Holmskov in Wear


Your calendar is already booked and you know that the first week back calls for important meetings. Feeling good is an essential part of performing and this shirt from Parisian AMI will guarantee you feeling like a boss. And then don’t forget to accessorise with a high quality bag and boots to show your importance.


If you work in a creative office where you don’t have to wear a suit and tie all the time, you can still give yourself a bit of a professional edge by opting for crisp casual wear. A pair of pants from Italian Cellar Door will do you good both in comfort and in style. Dress it with a loose fitted shirt from Our Legacy and a pair of Chelsea by Common Projects. Finish it up with some jewels to put a glam to your casual workwear.

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Set Descending Direction


If you are starting a study you know the anxious feeling of meeting a new crowd of people. On one hand you want to look your best but on the other hand you don’t want the attention drawn to you. Our recommendation is that you go for a statement sweat like this one from Swedish Our Legacy to show that you are up for some fun and then dress it with a pair of low key straight denims.

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