Essential Trends for Spring 2017

There is many Key Trends for Spring 2017.
We have chosen a few selected outfits and key-items for you.

By Morten Pugholm in Wear

Camouflage is back on track!

This pattern, originally made by the military to blend in, is now standing out in every collection we see! Use camouflage for everyday use, and enjoy it!

Who say’s a Man can’t wear pink?

This Year you must have a piece of pink clothes in your wardrobe! Pink is this seasons most hyped color, and you can use it to almost everything.

Can sporty also be Casual wear?

Sporty styles is becoming more and more useful in our everyday outfits. We see this trend when we are traveling around the world, and have accomplished it in our own selection of styles.

All you need is Prints!

What is Spring, without a printed shirt? This year we have some extra focus on these styles, and we love it! Use it already now, and let it be your best buy this year!

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