Get your sneakers ready for spring with Jason Markk

The sun is out and the spring is finally here. Therefore, it’s time to find your old sneakers from last summer and make them clean, so they are ready for another season of sun and good times.

By Mathias Kling in Sneakers

White sneakers are a must-have in any wardrobe. But let’s just admit, that sometimes it’s hard to keep them clean and white. Therefore, have we developed a guide, on how to keep your sneakers clean and white for a whole season.

Start by removing the laces

Dip the brush in a bowl of hot water, add a small amount of Jason Markk on the brush and dip the brush again in the bowl with water

Brush the shoes with your scrub until it’s foaming

Dry your sneakers with a towel or a cloth. Repeat the process if necessary

Let the shoes air dry.

Now spray with Jason Markk Repel Stain Repellent, which is creating a sustainable barrier which effective prevents dirt and marks on the shoe.

Your sneakers are now white and clean again, and ready for a season more!

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