New Comers: Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec was founded in 1974 by Frank van Wezel in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, England. It was Frank’s love for sports which lead him to build an innovative, lightweight and comfortable Squash shoe.

By Mathias Kling in Sneakers

Over the years Hi-Tec started to discover new business opportunities, and started expanding their product line. The introduction of shoes to different sports such as; hiking, football, running and tennis is some of the main sports that Hi-Tec have putted their mark on over the years. Back in 1981 when Hi-Tec launched their first model – the Silver Shadow, it was meant to conquer the running world and later the same year, 23% of the runners in London Marathon wore the newly released Silver Shadow.

Over a decade later Hi-Tec’s dominant position in sports was still intact. In the first season of England’s famous Premiership Football competition in 1992, the Hi-Tec ‘Kings Cup’ boots were featured on 52 Premiership players, including the legendary Roy Keane. Having influenced both Football and Running over the last years, Hi-Tec moved onto tennis. And in 1995, just after 3 years on focusing on the tennis product line, they became the official shoe of the world-famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

2013 was once again a year where Hi-Tec reached a new mileston. In the start of the year Hi-Tec wins the Footwear Product of the year at The Great Outdoors Awards with their newly introduced ‘Zuuk’ model. An incredibly lightweight and multifunctional sport shoe. Later that year Hi-Tec also wins the ‘Outdoor Footwear Brand’ of the year at the UK Footwear industry award. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hi-Tec. The company re-introduced the Classic74 inspired by the design of the original squash classic, which was the first shoe in the impressive and well-deserved history of the company.

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We are excited to present to you Hi-Tec, which will be available at Støy from today, and in the future with several new models and colorways!

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