IT bomber jackets this season

Fall is fast approaching and, inevitably, so is colder weather. This may put a damper on many a summer-enthusiast’s mood – but not ours. Why? Because lower temperatures mean new outerwear, and a reason to finally shop and wear the warmer styles we love. A style that, once again, will dominate this coming season is the diverse bomber jacket.

By Gitte Juul & Signe Øbo in Wear

The bomber jacket, as we know it today, was first introduced to the market in the 1950’s as a military flight jacket, known as the MA-1. The MA-1 was produced for American troops in the Korea and Vietnam wars as a sleeker, more lightweight alternative to the heavier, less practical shearling jackets, while still able to provide warmth and functionality. One can assume that these factors have also helped the bomber jacket gain the immense popularity it has today, and through toying with colors, materials and details, nowadays, there’s a bomber for everyone, no matter your style preference.

Style it Nordic

Your style is heavily influenced by the cool, clean Scandinavian look. Classic, timeless items in monochrome tones characterize your wardrobe, and your outfit always has a clean-cut expression. The items in your wardrobe are both practical and chic, at times perhaps slightly androgynous, and the majority can be worn both for work and play. You’re inspired by brands like Totême, Kokoon, HOPE and Helmut Lang.

Be Fashionable

You’re not afraid to mix and match colors, materials and patterns, high-end and high-street. You like it when there’s plenty of different things going on in the way of bold colors, patterns and prints in your outfit, but at the same time, every item you’re wearing is thought-through and carefully chosen to play an important role. In this digital age, your inspiration comes from various bloggers and instagrammers, and brands like Ganni and Acne Studios hold a special place in your wardrobe – and your heart.

Dress to Impress

You value high quality and exclusiveness, and you are willing to pay the price for the items you fall in love with, never compromising. The items you wear are often either inspired by or directly off the runway, and your wardrobe consists of key pieces from distinguished brands. You have a strong interest in fashion and you’re inspired by and tend to follow the trends set by the brands you admire and respect. Brands like Ellery, 3.1 Philip Lim, Cedric Charlier and J.W. Anderson are, among others, your source of inspiration.

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