The Unbiquitous Blazer

A blazer can be as versatile as it is classic. As a modern man, acknowledging and using this versatility when wearing a blazer, you can create your own personal look as well as transcend the geographical boundaries of local tendencies.

New York

In New York time is money and business is plentiful. There are many takers, and you have to keep up tight, if you want to stay in the game. An important part of the race is to dress accordingly, while still wearing something suitable for a cold pale ale with the guys at the end of a hard day’s work. Go for a classic slightly conservative look that suits Wall Street at day and the Brooklyn bars at night.


The Blazer appeals well to the minimalistic way of Scandinavian dressing – it is clean cut and has a classic fell. Danish men have a special ability of wearing sophisticated pieces with a casually cool air that is sort of boyish and says “I don’t really care about anyone else’s opinion.” Style your blazer with a simple tee in an unconventional colour and a boisterous pocket square for a confident yet carefree look.


The Parsians have a natural way of bearing anything with an effortless charm and always being undoubtedly cool. The French way of living includes a rather relaxed attitude towards time and work, but you can count on their unwavering style even if they’re just going out for a single glass wine. Attempt the same feat as the mecs with an all navy look including a shiny and colorful pocket square.

Nyhedsbrev Luk

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