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"Establishing new codes in the menswear lexicon with a focus on comfort, performance, lightness and ease" - This is how founder Angelo Urrutia describes 4sdesigns. The brand was conceived in the fall of 2019 and launched in Paris in January 2020. As a child, Angelo Urrutia migrated from El Salvador to New York, where he has lived ever since. His background is clearly represented through the brand, which unites the two cultures in the best possible way. Several styles recall the American sportswear era and the collections are characterized by functional work trousers, printed overshirts, varsity jackets and rugby-inspired shirts. All made in Bologna, Italy to ensure the quality of craftsmanship. Urrutia's obsession with good craftsmanship can be seen in the production's detailing, characterized by precise seams, quality fabrics and perfect fits. 4sdesigns unites European craftsmanship with American style and has created a collection of uncompromising quality clothing. Urrutia describes the brand as the souvenir he leaves in the world, and what a mark he will leave.