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Aiayu, pronounced [ai-ya-yu], is a brand that brings a fresh perspective to luxury by seamlessly blending elegance with simplicity. Founded in Denmark in 2005 by Maria Høgh Heilmann, Aiayu is deeply rooted in a passion for exquisite natural materials, quality, and craftsmanship. The name "Aiayu" means "soul" in the indigenous Aymara language from Bolivia, reflecting the brand's commitment to creating soulful products that are designed to last a lifetime. At the heart of Aiayu lies a mission to produce responsibly, with a deep respect for the environment and people. The brand is dedicated to sustainability, durability, and creating products that foster meaningful connections. Aiayu believes in "fewer but better," focusing on high-quality natural materials to craft luxurious, long-lasting items. Aiayu's journey began in Bolivia, where they source premium llama wool known as cashllama, a soft, warm, and durable fiber. This commitment to using the finest natural materials extends to other regions: yak wool and cashmere from Nepal, and organic cotton from India. Each material is chosen for its exceptional quality and is processed sustainably and ethically. Every Aiayu product is a testament to traditional skills and cultural heritage. In Bolivia, local artisans hand-knit items, each piece signed by the craftsperson who made it, adding a personal touch. In Nepal, traditional hand-held looms are used to create intricate textiles, supporting local communities and preserving cultural craftsmanship. In India, Aiayu collaborates with farmers under the Chetna Organic & Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Program to build an ethical supply chain for organic cotton.