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The Porter bag is an undisputed streetwear icon. But it wasn't always so. The brand was founded in 1962 byKichizo Yoshida who, at the time, had already been producing handcrafted leather bags for almost 35 years. As an artisan who had perfected his craft since before the world war, he wanted to create something for the masses. Something he would be remembered by. Something for the youth. The result became these elegant variations of nylon twill bags. They still live up to Yoshida's high production standards, but moreover, they had a much more accessible look, feel and utility to them. "When all is said and done, a hand-sewn bag cannot be beaten. The durability of the bag and thickness of the stitching is on a completely different level from that of a machine-made bag" Kichizo Yoshida, 1913-1994 Porter ended up becoming one of the first name-brands to cement itself into streetwear culture around the late 60's and early 70's. Furthermore, it seems that Yoshida's legacy still lives on and continuous to evolve, even after his passing. The recognisable quality and utility of the bags and accessories they craft under the Yoshida Co. Porter brand, has allowed them to touch many different cultural categories, within fashion and art. The product, and visible proof of this, are their many collaborations. From luxury brand Fendi to pop-artist Takashi Murakami, Porter has put their name to some of the most iconic names and companies around. Porter holds a lot of meaning and value to people who were into streetwear in the late 90's and early 2000's. We asked long-time Porter lover, Jakob Støy to comment on his feelings about the brand: “Porter is one of my personal favorites. For me it is the cherry on top of any stylish look. The styles Porter brings to the table can easily go in many different directions. On one hand you dress it up with a suit, a basic t-shirt and a pair of leather boots, but on the other hand, you can wear it with a pair of track pants and sneakers. It’s this diversity and quality that makes us want to bring back Porter for good.” Ultimately, the versatility and longevity of these bags remain, perhaps, the most appealing features. It's a bag that lasts for a lifetime, but also one that matures with the user. Whether you seek sophisticated elegance or Japanese street cred, these are the bags for you.