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Proem Parades was founded in 2019 by the two Danish designers Lærke Nikolajsen and Stine Brynjolf. Proem Parades works within the concept ´no season, no sale´ and has a goal statement that the clothes should be used as much as possible and still have a minimum environmental impact. Many of their styles has been made from surplus materials and are therefore only available in limited numbers. Their main focus is for the clothes to be in premium qualities, so the pieces can be kept from season to season. Proem Parades are especially known for their knitwear, which is made in oeko-Tex certified wool. With the good qualities, the clothes can be worn for many years, in many ways and for many different occasions. The designers have created clothes they were missing in their own wardrobes. Therefore, their clothes are very useful and are classics such as blazers, knitwear and other basics, which you will never be sick of having in your wardrobe.