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Hand made penny loafers from Portugal, became a defining venture for Virgil Nicholas, fashion industry veteran and communications expert. VINNY's, a Copenhagen based footwear and lifestyle brand, pairs anecdotal tales of urban life with well sourced quality. Vinny's The Vibe, an investigative online fashion and culture blog, supports and in some way, legitimises the flamboyant and classic shoe designs.

These designs along with the cultural commentary create the basis of an iconic lifestyle oriented footwear brand. VINNY's evolving loafer designs complement any sophisticated urban look. They draw inspiration from a mix of Nicholas' own french upbringing, 90's hip-hop and film icons like Tom Ripley, from The Talented Mr. Ripley and Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino in The Godfather movies. VINNY's is on a mission to bring back sophisticated fashion in a less serious and solemn context. The feeling that goes along with the loafers is very unique and fuelling - a simple way to level up your entire wardrobe.