E-commerce Intern

Would you like to get an insight into a dynamic, international e-commerce platform? Are you looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant, fast-paced environment where your contributions matter? If you're passionate about the digital marketplace and intrigued by the prospects of online marketing and digital development, we invite you to consider an internship within our e-commerce team.

What we offer:
As an intern at stoy, you'll be entrusted with significant responsibilities, empowering you to make autonomous decisions. You'll be part of a rigorous learning journey, engaging in diverse aspects of our e-commerce operations and contributing meaningfully to our projects.

We imagine that:
We envision our ideal candidate as someone who is actively pursuing education in fields related to digital marketing, e-commerce, or digital development. You possess an interest and preliminary knowledge about our industry and the brands we collaborate with. You exhibit initiative, capable of handling both comprehensive and smaller tasks independently. You welcome challenges with open arms and isn’t hesitant to voice innovative ideas. You demonstrate proficiency in written communication in both Danish and English.

Your tasks will include:
Your internship will encompass a variety of tasks pivotal to our e-commerce platform's success, including but not limited to:

- Creating and managing landing pages for an array of brands, product categories, and promotional campaigns.
- Adding and updating product listings on our webshop.
- Crafting SEO-optimized content.
- Overseeing the daily operations and maintenance of our website.
- Executing email marketing strategies and marketing automation tasks.

Application Process:
If this opportunity excites you, we'd love to hear from you. Please forward your application and resume to job@stoy.com, using the subject line "E-commerce Intern".

Should you have any inquiries or need further information, feel free to reach out to our Head of E-commerce, Louise Glud, at lg@stoy.com

We look forward to hear from you!