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"Modest luxury in lusty colors" - Birkenstock now presents their classic styles Arizona, London, Mayari and Floridan new guises with their series 1774. The collection is an exclusive tribute and manifestation to their historical roots where creativity, design and craftsmanship are honored. Many people know Birkenstock and especially for their popular models such as Boston and Arizona, which characterize the streets all over the world. With their 1774, Birkenstock has managed to create a new version of their popular styles with the consistently characteristic motifs and style. The collection is an exclusive luxurious series which in certain areas is reminiscent of their classic styles but with a new take on them when it comes to materials, colors and details. The different styles come in white, pink and blue. The new collection helps to unite comfort and luxury in a new way with the high quality and fantastic craftsmanship of the foot experts and brands that share the same passion for design and craftsmanship.1774 is photographed in the big cities of Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo by photographers Stella Berkofsky, Max Farago and Takashi Homme. With their creativity, they manage to capture the extraordinary and poetic in these cities, which is why these cities fit this collection quite naturally.