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Pearl Octopuss.y is an Oslo based jewelry brand.
Founded and meticulously crafted by the visionary Cathrine Boerter, Pearl Octopuss.y is a journey into a world of maximalist artistry and heartfelt craftsmanship. Embracing an affinity for the unconventional and daring, Pearl Octopuss.y endeavors to resonate with individuals who cherish the allure of the extraordinary.

Every piece is meticulously handcrafted, a testament to unwavering attention to detail, artistry, and the sentiment of owning something truly distinct. Having spent nearly a decade as a women’s wear designer in Oslo, Cathrine Boerter's trajectory took an unexpected turn. The inception of her own jewellery line emerged almost serendipitously during her maternity leave, revealing an unanticipated passion. “I instantly fell in love with the process and the feeling of working so detailed with my hands. Suddenly I just couldn’t stop doing it. It’s my own personal space where I get to create things I find beautiful - as well as it is really satisfying to make something real. To create an object in your hands.“ – Catherine Boerter, founder.

This passion birthed Pearl Octopuss.y in 2018. Since then, Pearl Octopuss.y has flourished into a creative force, engaging in collaborations with distinguished names including H&M Stockholm, Norwegian FWSS, and Danish Baum und Pfergarten. Noteworthy appearances at the prestigious 3 Days of Design event in Copenhagen further underscore the brand's indelible impact on the design landscape. However, the aspirations of Pearl Octopuss.y extend beyond collaborations and accolades. A steadfast commitment to producing exquisitely refined pieces persists, with a profound ambition to connect with kindred spirits worldwide. The brand's essence lies in crafting more than mere adornments; each creation encapsulates an enduring tale of artistic prowess.