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In 2018, the now solidified menswear label, Sunflower bloomed into existence. Led by Ulrik Pedersen and a small handful of menswear veterans and skilled visual creatives, Sunflower made a bold attempt at doing something Danish menswear had never witnessed. Having grown tired of the current, trend based, menswear landscape, they sought out to create something more. Something everlasting. With their collective knowledge of tailoring, design, fabrics and art they set out to create timeless collections that both, fit in and stand out in every mans wardrobe. After showing their second collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week in January 2019, it was clear to everyone, that this bold attempt had succeeded. The show was set in Eighteen Gallery, a humble white space decorated with nothing but musical equipment and instruments in the centre, surrounded by a camera track. The show began as musician August Rosenbaum solemnly started playing the piano in front of him. To these improvised, yet heartfelt, tunes, models walked around the room one by one. The style was very 70's rock n' roll, but were, at the same time, masterfully tailored. Double breasted blazers, jeans, pin-stripes and cuban heels were mixed together, creating a sophisticated aesthetic, that was just the right amount of rough around the edges. This aesthetic is something you simply don't find among other Danish menswear designers. An intersection of Dior Homme and Our Legacy describes it, but doesn't nearly define it. Sunflower has managed to carve out a very unique lane in their path to create the ultimate menswear collections, and continue to innovate to this day.