September 15 2023

Salomon's Global Influence: From Trails to Runways

Birth of a performance brand

Nestled among the majestic peaks of the French Alps in Annecy, since its inception in 1947, Salomon has stood as a collective of trailblazers, shaping the very essence of the sporting world. With a global reach extending across more than 40 countries, this powerhouse manufacturer caters to a diverse spectrum of sports enthusiasts, from trail runners chasing the horizon to intrepid adventurers conquering the heights, and even those who embrace the thrill of skiing and snowboarding. 

Prioritizing function over fashion trends

In a realm where outdoor gear meets the vogue of fashion, Salomon's sneakers boldly defy fleeting trends. Instead, they prioritize function and cutting-edge product technology, an unwavering commitment that lies at the heart of their identity. This steadfast dedication has etched a genuine and enduring brand essence, drawing the admiration of Nordic skiers and trail runners while turning the heads of stylists and sneaker aficionados alike. 

But Salomon, true to its heritage, remains unswayed by the allure of becoming just another fashion footwear label. They proudly offer a kaleidoscope of distinctive colorways, aligning themselves with titans of high-tech performance wear, like Arcteryx, and renowned shoe brands such as ON and HOKA ONE ONE

Conquering the runway

From rugged trails to the glamorous runways of the world, Salomon's influence transcends the confines of sports. One striking testament to their impact is none other than global icon Rihanna, who graced the Superbowl stage in a Maison Margiela X Salomon collaboration, underscoring their indomitable presence in both the athletic and fashion domains. Salomon, a name synonymous with innovation, stands tall as a beacon of enduring style and unrivaled performance.

At stoy we proudly curate some of Salmons's most coveted silhouettes offering a broad palette of picks from slip-ons to trail boots.

In focus: Salomon XT-Guest 2

Dive into the wild with the XT-Quest 2, the ultimate trail-running shoe. Its aggressive outsole laughs in the face of rocky, muddy, and uneven terrain. The dual-density EVA midsole is your cushioned throne for those long-distance runs. These shoes are not just built to last; they thrive on an active lifestyle and can conquer urban streets with as much ease as wilderness trails.


Highlighted Silhouettes

Quest GTX Advanced

The Quest GTX Advanced isn't just a boot; it's a technological marvel for the true outdoor enthusiast. Armed with GORE-TEX, these boots are your shield against the elements, offering waterproof, breathable protection. From rugged trails to soaking wet conditions, they've got your back with advanced traction and unwavering stability.


The XT-6 GTX marries the iconic XT-6 silhouette with GORE-TEX technology, creating an unstoppable force against all weather conditions. These sneakers are designed to keep your feet dry and comfy, whether it's rain, snow, or mud. With a sleek and modern design, they're equally at ease in urban commutes and wilderness conquests.


Serious athletes and fitness fanatics, meet your match in the ACS PRO Sneakers. They're more than sneakers; they're tools for excellence. Advanced cushioning and stability propel you to new heights during intense workouts. The responsive midsole and precision fit ensure optimal performance, whether you're sprinting on the track or dominating the gym.

Jungle Ultra Low Advanced

When the jungle calls, the Jungle Ultra Low Advanced answers. These shoes are like a second skin, designed for tropical environments and high-intensity escapades. Their low-profile, feather-light design grants you agility and breathability, making them perfect for navigating the dense jungles of the Amazon or metropolitans

RX MOC 3.0

Get ready to slide into comfort with RX MOC 3.0 Sneakers. These slip-on wonders blend casual style with recovery-focused features. The contoured footbed and EVA midsole provide heavenly cushioning, ideal for soothing foot fatigue. Whether you're casually strolling or recovering from a grueling race, these sneakers redefine comfort.

RX Slide 3.0

After an intense workout or a marathon day on your feet, slip into the luxurious embrace of RX Slide 3.0 Sneakers. They're a plush haven for your tired soles. The cushioned insole and supportive design offer instant relief, whether you're at the gym or kicking back at home. Comfort and style unite in perfect harmony.


The XT-4 OG is a trail-running classic known for its rugged reliability. With a design that's stood the test of time, these sneakers are built to conquer the harshest conditions. Their aggressive lugs grip rugged trails, while the reinforced upper laughs in the face of the elements. Seasoned trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts, your trusted companion awaits.

XT-6 Mindful 2

The XT-6 Mindful 2 is your invitation to reconnect with nature and rediscover your inner explorer. It's versatile design seamlessly transitions from urban sidewalks to rugged trails, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure, all while staying mindful of the world around you.

Odyssey ELMT Advanced

The Odyssey ELMT Advanced features the innovative split-upper and protective gaiters. Elevate your outdoor experience to new heights with these shoes that are not just footwear; they're an embodiment of adventure, ready to take on the toughest challenges nature throws your way.