G.H. Bass

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G.H. Bass

G.H. Bass & Co. is an iconic American brand with a rich heritage deeply rooted in the world of footwear and fashion. Established in 1876 by George Henry Bass in Wilton, Maine, the company has been a cornerstone of American shoemaking for nearly 150 years.  

The brand gained widespread recognition and acclaim for its creation of the Bass Weejuns, a timeless and enduring style of penny loafers that became a staple in American fashion. The Bass Weejuns, introduced in 1936, quickly became synonymous with sophistication, quality, and classic style. Renowned for their distinctive silhouette, featuring a classic penny slot on the strap, Bass Weejuns became an integral part of both casual and formal wardrobes.  

Throughout its history, G.H. Bass & Co. has remained committed to craftsmanship and quality, utilizing premium materials and meticulous construction techniques to ensure durability and comfort. Beyond the iconic Bass Weejuns, the brand has expanded its product offerings to include a diverse range of footwear styles, as well as apparel and accessories for men and women.  

G.H. Bass & Co. continues to resonate with consumers who appreciate timeless designs, enduring quality, and a sense of heritage. While staying true to its classic roots, the brand also embraces modern influences and trends, ensuring its relevance in contemporary fashion landscapes.  

With a legacy spanning generations, G.H. Bass & Co. remains an enduring symbol of American style, craftsmanship, and tradition, beloved by discerning individuals around the world.