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"I don't do clothes, I do stories" — Simon Porte. Selv-taught designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, has taken the fashion industry by storm with his unique way of balancing a conceptual and commercial take on design. With a romantic and nostalgic dissemination of his South France heritage he has put himself and his brand on top within French luxury. His collections differ with their playful, colorful, and unconventional approach to design, which still uncompromisingly and confidently has a unique luxurious appeal. Jacquemus was founded in 2009 after Simon Porte Jacquemus moved to Paris from the southern France. He named the brand after his mother’s maiden name as a tribute to his mother, who passed away in the same period. After working for Comme des Garçons he gained support from design-icon Rei Kawakubo and quickly his brand came into the spotlight. He gainedrecognition from the industry several times and won the LVMH-price in 2015 and the Fashion Director’s Choice Award from ELLE in 2017. His designs tell stories about folklore and arts from France, and he masters to create luxury pieces, who doesn’t compromise on being statement and playful, but at the same time being traditional collectors’ items. Through his prêt-à-porter-collections he has an unapologetic and honest approach to fashion.