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One of the latest Scandinavian bids in the global fashion scene is Kernemilk.The independant Danish design venture, led by Marie Mark, started out in 2019 by experimenting with discarded dead stock fabrics in Marie's small home studio. Marie's background in tailoring and costume design for film, made fabricating garments by hand, come to her very instinctively. Her designs are centred around combining sourced excess fabrics with a visible and unapologetic overlocking technique that emphasises the sublime "flawed" aspects of her garments with superior elegance. As she started posting pictures of these reimagined handmade garments on Instagram demand grew almost instantaneously. People were immediately drawn towards these handcrafted, highly conscious and beautifully constructed products with a raw edge - something that is, arguably, missing in a lot of fashion design nowadays. The intuitive approach to sustainable garment design combined with compelling form and unique aesthetics, gave, the still relatively small operation, international attention from the fashion community. Namely, Kim Kardashian, who requested multiple pieces from the designer.