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Satisfy Running is a French brand based in Paris. You can with certainty say that Satisfy is their very own and very unique within running clothing. Satisfy was founded by Brice Partouche, a dedicated runner of course, who in his childhood grew in the Alps and thereby found a love for skateboarding and snowboarding. Fashion has always been an interest of Brice, and for many years he has been involved in the fashion industry, especially within high-end jeans. From an early age, Brice Partouche was introduced to clothes and materials, because he frequently went to fleamarkets with his father looking for vintage tresures. Brice's father had his own denim shop in the 80s, and it’s from here that Brice's has his basic understanding of fashion and design.However, it only became a passion for Brice when the music element was introduced in addition to the clothing part, as he saw a connection between the music you heard and the clothes you wore. His rapidly growing interest in both music, snowboarding and skateboarding gave Brice the desire to create his own brand. He therefore decided at the age of just 16 to start his own skateboard brand, Biscuit. Biscuit was named after his great love for the hardcore band, Gorilla Biscuit. He printed a few hundred t-shirts and sold them to family, friends and to the local skateshop. This was Brice's first experience with having his own brand, and the start of a long journey. After starting Biscuit, he started another skateboard brand in addition to studying medicine. He decided during this period, to focus on the creative side and put his surgeon dream on hold, as the interest in music and fashion was bigger. In 2000 he started April77 and worked with the brand for 17years. In 2014 Brice needed to find himself again, and started running. He quickly became addicted to running and a few years later, he started Satisfy. Brice wanted to create running clothes to help people run and allowing people to “unlock the high. ”The passion for culture together with his love for good quality materials became the foundation for Satisfy. The name Satisfy was inspired by the band Spectrum's album Sonic Boom and the song "HowYouSatisfy". When Brice heard this song, he knew immediately that the name had to be Satisfy. It was so obvious - because that’s the exact feeling you get after running and getting high:satisfied. His many designs are largely characterized by his extensive knowledge and experience within the fashion industry. He is both designer in chief and a tester of the prototypes in the head office in Paris. “A brand starts with a dream, a product and a community. It’s not just about the product, it’s about what people can become using the product” - Brice Partouche. Satisfy sells everything from shorts, tops, jerseys to accessories, such as caps, waterbottels, socks and shoes.