Lemaire Bags

The French-based fashion house, Lemaire, is characterized for their uncompromising and timeless approach to craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetics. Their collection of bags is characterized by sculptural handbags, oversized shoulder, and belt bags, all with a minimalist aesthetic. All bags and leather goods are made in Spain and Italy, where an in-depth collaboration with skilled craftsmen has culminated in inventive forms created by new approaches to older techniques. Particularly noteworthy are models like their Camera and Croissant bags, both available in different sizes. The cylindrical front section of the camera bag imitates and is inspired by a camera lens. The Croissant bag catches the eye with its curved modern silhouette, created by a molded leather technique. The inspiration for the bag comes from the well-known French pastry, that at the same time emphasizes the French origin of the designs.