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Last updated 27/3 2020

Welcome to STOY’s website.


Below, our cookie policy describes the personal information that is collected and processed when you use our website (, as well as how we are handling and protect your personal information. We elaborate on what information is collected, their purpose and which third parties that gains access to the information. In addition, your rights are also explained and how you can get in contact with us.

When you visit our website, information about you is collected, which is used to personalize and improve the content you are exposed to and to increase the value of the campaigns and ads that appear on the website. It is possible to delete or block cookies. Note: if you use multiple Internet browsers, you need to delete or block cookies from all of them. However, please be aware that by blocking or non-acceptance of our cookies, more features on the website will no longer be usable or you might receive less relevant content. This we will further elaborate later on. If you do not want information about you to be collected as you use our website, you can delete your cookies (see instructions). And for third-part cookies visit

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on any your computer, mobile phone, iPad or likewise for the purpose of storing data that later on can be recalled by a web server in the domain that has placed the cookie. We use cookies on our website for several purposes. They are used, among other purposes, for:

-Remember settings and to log you in to our website across pages
-Remember your preferred currency and language
-Remember what products you have added to your shopping basket
-Target advertising
-Help up to prevent fraud
-Collect web analytics data that informs us how users interact with the website

The cookies we use on our website can be divided into the following categories:

Category 1 – essential cookies
These cookies are essential for you to use the site and its features. Without these cookies, login information and your shopping basket for example don’t get saved. Also, this type of cookie allow communication between your browser and the website.

Category 2 – Usage cookies
This type of cookie collects and stores information about how you use our website. E.g. we use Google Analytics cookies to understand how customers arrive and make us of the website in order for us to optimize features such as navigation, the shopping experience and to target marketing. Data from this type of cookie do not display personal information and the individual identify can therefore not be determined. You can always opt out of this type of cookie in your browser settings but be aware that it may change the experience on our website.

Category 3 – Functional cookies
Functional cookies remember those choices you have made such as which country you visit our site from, your choice of currency and your preferences of brands and categories. We use this information to tailor a more personalized experience, to show you the most relevant content and the best possible user experience. This data is anonymized and cannot be used by other websites. You can deselect this type of cookies in your browser settings. If you deselect it may yet again change your experience on our website.

Category 4 – Targeted and advertising cookies
This type of cookies collects information about your search history to better target relevant content to you and your interests. They also help to limit the number of times you are displayed for a specific ad. This type of cookies is usually placed on third-party advertising networks. Third-party cookies remember the websites you visit and share them with other parties such as advertisers. E.g. we use third-party networks to share more personalized ads when you visit other websites. You can explore the most frequently used third-parties here.

Sessions cookies

Name Domain Path Purpose
main_window_timestamp_0 /licence/6512971/v2/ Allow our website to remember choices you make (e.g. user name, region)
main_window_timestamp /licence/6512971/v2/ Allow our website to remember choices you make (e.g. user name, region)
message_text /licence/6512971/v2/ Enable us to engage in live based text with vistors 
__lc_vv /licence/6512971/v2/ Enable us to engage in live based text with vistors 
recent_window /licence/6512971/v2/ Enable us to engage in live based text with vistors 
3rdparty /licence/6512971/v2/ Allow our website to hide the visitors personal customisation of Livechat
notification[status_ping] /licence/6512971/v2/ Allow our website to remember choices you make (e.g. user name, region)
X-PP-SILOVER / Support payment services from PayPal on our website 
form_key / Facilitate content caching on the browser to make pages load faster
PHPSESSID / Is for example used to maintain a logged-in status for a user between pages
lc_window_state / This cookie checks the open/closed state of the LiveChat window
akavpau_ppsd / This cookie is used in context with PayPal transactions on the website
AWSELB / Collects data of the user behaviour on the website for analysis and optimization
searchReport-log / Is used to collect information about the searching on the website
AKDC / Support payment services from PayPal on our website 
nsid / Support payment services from PayPal on our website 



Stored cookies

Name Domain Path Expiration in days Purpose
__lc_mcst / 1095 For LiveChat use
__lc_mcid / 1095 For LiveChat use
__lc_cst /customer 1095 Necessary for the functionality of the website’s chat box 
__lc_cid /customer 1095 Necessary for the functionality of the website’s chat box 
__cfduid / 365 This cookie is used to track visitor behaviour on the website
NID / 183 Google uses this cookie to remember your preferences such as preferred language
__livechat /licence/6512971 1125 For LiveChat use
__livechat_lastvisit /licence/6512971 1125 Is used by LiveChat to store the last use of the chat function 
ts_c / 1096 Support payment services from PayPal on our website 
ts / 1096 Support payment services from PayPal on our website 
tsrce / 3 Support payment services from PayPal on our website 
__cfduid / 365 Is used to override any security restrictions based on the IP adress of the visitor
_ceir / 1826 Providing web analytics that tracks how visitors interact with pages on the website 
_gid / 1 Tracks user behavoir 
_ga / 730 Tracks user behavoir
gender / 1 Differentiate between gender preferences 
__lc.visitor_id.6512971 / 1000 Associated with LiveChat and allows websites to talk to their visitors on the site
lc_sso6512971 / 1000 Associated with LiveChat
5923rsa / 365  
mage-messages / 1 Tracks error messages and other notifications that are shown to the user 
section_data_ids / 1 Used to facilitate content caching on the browser to make pages load faster
product_data_storage / 1 Stores configuration for product data related to recently viewed/compared products 
recently_compared_product_previous / 1 Stores product ID’s of previously compared products for easy navigation 
recently_compared_product / 1 Stores product ID’s for recently compared products 
recently_viewed_product_previous / 1 Stores product ID’s of previously viewed products for easy navigation 
recently_viewed_product / 1 Stores product ID’s for recently viewed products 
mage-cache-sessid / 1 Triggers the clean up of local cache storage 
mage-cache-storage-section-invalidation / 1 Forces local storages of specific content sections that should be invalidated 
mage-cache-storage / 1 Local storage of visitor-specific content that enables e-commerce functions 
OTZ / 30 Aggregate analysis of website visitors 



Why do we collect cookies?
Cookies are necessary to collect in order for the website and services to function optimally. Cookies allow us to constantly target and optimize the website according to your needs and interests at STOY. In addition, cookies are required to complete a transaction, and they help us to get an overview of your visit to our website, manage your account, remember what you might have added to the shopping cart, whether you are a returning visitor, your preferred language and currency. Moreover, we use third-party service providers to serve advertisements most relevant to you across your different devices and on our own and others’ websites and mobile applications. This information about your interaction with other websites or applications is also used to target advertising of products available at STOY.

How do I delete cookies?
You can always choose to reject and delete cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is done by changing the settings in your browser – the changes depend on which browser you are using. If you delete or block cookies, please be aware that some features and services on the website can no longer be used, as it is a prerequisite for them to be used that the website remembers the choices you have made before. Ads may become less relevant to you and appear more frequently. You may also run the risk that there will be content you cannot access. You can opt out cookies from Google Analytics right here.

It varies how long cookies are stored on your devices. The time is counted from the last time you visited the website. When a cookie expires it will automatically be deleted from your device. In the table showing ”stored cookies” you can see the expire time for the different cookies.

Contact STOY
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cookie policy, you are welcome to contact us on [email protected] or on +45 22 12 51 11.