Bare Double Chain Armband 16.5 cm i 18k Guld

Bare Double Chain Bracelet 16.5 cm in 18k Gold

정가 2.600,00 DKK

As an well-respected Danish architect and interior designer, Sofie Ladefoged is known for her simplicity, minimalism and attention to detail. Deciding to challenge herself, she has now created a jewellery box with beautiful things for women. This collection is a mix of refined, simplified and classic jewellery. With her uncommon eye for detail and uncompromising scrunity on the quality of materials, Sofie's jewellery is an investment in craftmanship, design and precious resources. This double Chain bracelet is made with 18k yellow gold and is finished with high polish

  • 18k yellow gold 
  • Gold
  • Measures: 16,5 cm