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Founded in 2014 by Kyle NG and ED Davis, Brain Dead is a dynamic clothing brand that embraces fluid aesthetics and draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences. With roots in skateboarding and a deep connection to post-punk culture, underground comics, and various subcultures, Brain Dead goes beyond fashion, immersing itself in old-school movies, music, radio, and social activism, including support for the BLM movement. At its core, Brain Dead is about art and creativity. The founders have a passion for art, music, cult cinema, rare, printed ephemera, bootleg items, handmade toys, and all things weird and wonderful. They envisioned Braindead as a platform to curate projects and produce products that reflect their unique world. Little did they know that their creations would resonate with a global audience. Ng said in a 2016 interview: “We find inspiration from places that people won’t expect, but it’s natural to us.” Based in Los Angeles, California, Brain Dead thrives on counterculture, finding inspiration in unexpected places. LP covers, graffiti, vintage concerts, and more fuel their creative vision. The brand has collaborated with notable figures such as Seth Rogen, Jeff Goldblum, Freddie Gibbs, and Portugal. The Man, showcasing its boundary-pushing approach.