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Savvy, flirtatious, and contemporary, HommeGirls is a trailblazing brand that reimagines classic menswear tropes into coy womenswear renditions. At its helm
stands Thai-American designer Thakoon Panichgul, renowned for his role as the former dressmaker to none other than the iconic Michelle Obama. With HommeGirls, Thakoon takes a daring left turn, channeling his extensive tailoring experience
into a new direction—an androgynous aesthetic that resonates with modern sensibilities. Thakoon Panichgul's journey led him to establish HommeGirls in 2019, following a hiatus from the fashion industry that saw his eponymous label temporarily shelved two
years earlier. The brand stands as a multi-disciplinary platform championing the sophistication of androgynous dressing. It started as a niche zine
dedicated to those women who had a penchant for shopping in the men's department, and it has since evolved into a full-fledged collection of wardrobe
staples. HommeGirls is a refreshing departure, with its collection of polos and knit sweaters cropped strategically to reveal logo-woven boxer briefs and low-rise pleated trousers. This unique fusion creates a wardrobe that seamlessly blends the empowering, armor-like qualities of traditional men’s suiting with an alluring feminine allure. The result? Strong silhouettes that carry a seductive bent, captivating attention and empowering the wearer. The offerings range from
oversized shirting that exudes confidence to relaxed underpinnings that embrace comfort. As Thakoon
Panichgul himself eloquently puts it, "Dressing like a man doesn't disguise a woman's femininity - it ignites it." This sentiment encapsulates the philosophy driving HommeGirls. The brand understands that embracing elements of menswear doesn't diminish femininity; instead, it becomes a catalyst for unleashing it. Intriguingly, HommeGirls extends beyond just clothing. The label also boasts a quarterly magazine that serves as an extra source of inspiration, delving into the world
of fashion, style, and self-expression.