Jean-Luc A. Lavelle

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Jean-Luc A. Lavelle is creating designs with sporting, functional and technical properties. Even though the designer has only been active in the field for a few years, he already has a dedicated audience, following his interesting development within technological clothing.

The London-based menswear designer Jean-Luc A. Lavelle does not have a traditional background with a fashion degree, but instead has a background within graphic design. The changing world and sudden feeling of emptiness in March 2020 led to more people embarking on new hobbies and exploring new creative activities. The same was true for Jean-Luc, who completed an introductory course in sewing. The design dream grew side by side with his new gained creative abilities, and by sharing his designs on social media, he gained more interested and dedicated followers. Since then, he has gained momentum, and with a high technical grade, use of deadstock, recycled zippers, waterproof materials and adjustable details, Jean-Luc is already well-established in the industry, and his designs already appears with a distinct character.