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An old proverb says, "shoes make the man." Malibu Sandals does not agree. It is the men and women who wear them, who create them, they believe. The brand is all about paying a tribute to the individuals. And their differences. The artists, the trendsetters, the free spirits, the surfers, the outdoor people, and everyone in between and beyond. As a fashion brand, they will not pay tribute to the designers, but to the individualists. Because their designs are made to be worn by everyone.

Malibu Sandals was founded in 2014 by Kevin O’Neill and is rooted in South American traditions combined with the coastal Malibu vibes, hence the name. Their mission is clear – they want to create comfortable, stylish, and modern sandals using innovative materials and evolutionary techniques. Good design is not created by simply looking toward the future. Instead, Malibu Sandals looks back in time to design for the future. Their inspiration springs from the Mexican Huarache sandals constructed in raw leather in a signature woven pattern. They were durable and could withstand the test of time. Both the durability and the clear design language are common themes in the collections from Malibu Sandals. The timeless classics are also both handmade and in vegan materials.