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Moon Boot is a winter classic, that just keeps resurfacing – year after year. The identifiable boot has become an icon. It is not love at first sight for everyone, but most people eventually fall in love with the boot, when they experience just how comfortable and warm, they are. The boots had their first big breakthrough in the 80s and have since been in and out of fashion. Nevertheless, they always reappear in new colorways and interpretations, and gradually they have proven their worth and a well-deserved place within the boot elite. Not surprisingly the inspiration springs from the moon landing in 1969. Most people have seen the iconic images on Niel Armstrong from Apollo 11 stepping onto the surface on the moon for the first time in world history, wearing a custom-made suit and boots. This event and the boots worn by the astronauts inspired the Italian shoe manufacturer Giancarlo Zanatta to create the Moon Boot. A boot suitable for winter and snow. Since then, the strongly identifiable boot has become an icon and has even been exhibited at the Louvre in an exhibition that pays tribute to the 100 greatest symbols of Italian design in the 20th century. With its retro-futuristic design and ground-breaking technology, Moon Boot has become a deep-rooted design icon, which year after year is spotted both on mountain tops and in the streets.