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Since its inception in 2018, the Museum of Peace and Quiet (MoPQ) has undoubtedly become a familiar sight around the city, appearing on tote bags and classic tees. Drawing inspiration from nature and a slower pace of life, this brand has transcended mere fashion and garnered a devoted following for its laid-back style. Founded by the husband and wife duo, Ashley and Christion Lennon, the idea for the Museum of Peace and Quiet was sparked during a road trip. Having previously experienced burnout and the pressures of daily life, they wanted to pay homage to the places that had left an impression on them. This led to the birth of the brand with a strong emphasis on thoughtful living, hence its name, Museum of Peace and Quiet. The brand quickly gained popularity, particularly during a time when the global conversation around well-being was on the rise due to the impact of a pandemic. This prompted a collective reset of focus on the significance of physical and mental well-being. The brand's ethos of promoting well-being, comfort, and minimalist living has resonated with both men and women worldwide. The aesthetic of Museum of Peace and Quiet is characterized by clean and simple designs, aligning perfectly with a tranquil lifestyle. Beyond their fashion offerings, this lifestyle brand extends its influence through various avenues, such as their curated homeware selections and architectural choices, all reflecting the same serene and minimalist essence. While the brand initially gained recognition for its fashion line, it has evolved into more than that – it represents a lifestyle. Museum of Peace and Quiet offers an array of products, including yoga mats, water bottles, and meditation sets, all in line with their vision of fostering peace and quiet in one's life.