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These days, streetwear is a very broad term, that practically defines a style era for an entire generation. Many brands are operating under this umbrella, yet, few can say they were a part of its' unfolding. Patta was. In 2004, two friends living in Amsterdam opened a store with a very simple and, frankly, quite relatable purpose: to provide themselves and their friends with a steady supply of hard-to-find footwear. Patta means shoes in Dutch - a clear clue as to what was at the centre of Edson Sabajo and Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt hearts when they founded the company. The two both played a big part in the Dutch Hip-Hop scene around the 90's and early 2000's, Edson as a DJ and Gee as a host/MC. This affinity for Hip-Hop and music in general is something they carried with them. To this day, music is tightly woven into their brand identity and urban universe. In the beginning the store sold a small selection of exclusive items, with a special affinity for rare Nike shoes. This affinity, would soon be noticed by Nike, who, since 2005, engaged in multiple collaborative, highly coveted, shoe designs with Patta. As they started producing small batches of merchandise embellished with the iconic Patta logo for close friends, demand grew which ended up turning t-shirts and hoodies into full fletched collections of track suits, hats, outerwear, accessories and much more.