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Western Hydrodynamic Research (WHR) is a California-based brand that emerged from founder Pat Towersey's stream of consciousness. Rooted in surfing culture, Western Hydrodynamic Research draws inspiration from the sport's values, including readiness to fail, persistence, and a deep connection with the water. The brand's journey began seven years ago when Towersey, who previously worked at Nike/Hurley, ventured into designing surfboards. It later expanded to include hats, which gained considerable success after being sent to prominent artist-designer Tom Sachs. Western Hydrodynamic Research's core philosophy revolves around merging surfing, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Towersey's educational approach to promoting and selling products sets the brand apart from traditional surf labels. With a focus on building culture, connecting people, and having fun, Western Hydrodynamic Research creates luxury seaside sports items and accessories designed and tested in California. From custom board bags to meticulously crafted surfboards, each Western Hydrodynamic Research Institute item reflects a keen attention to practical detail and a readiness for the surfing revolution. Incorporating an eco-conscious approach, Western Hydrodynamic Research often upcycles or repurposes vintage items to promote waste minimization and circularity. Recently, the brand collaborated with Mafia Bags, a beach-focused accessory brand that shares a commitment to utility and low-impact practices. Together, they released a line of Boat Bags made from used sails and waxed canvas, showcasing recycling and sustainability in their creations.