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Half-moon monograms, tight body suits and wild accessories have become Marine Serre's driving force - at least on a surface level. However, underneath there is a deep and intricate storyline that predicts dystopian futures and creates persona dressed in mystique - and Marine Serre garments of course. The latest "Amor Fati" collection was presented through a unique short film with Eartheater as the main character. She ventures on a journey shrouded in fog and surrounded by a synchronised group of disciples of some kind. The music, scenery and effects place Marine Serre's designs in a sci-fi inspired world, where the garments lay a foundation for a story about an unattractive future. The skin tight, monogrammatic body suits combine elegantly with big, beautiful jackets in different textures and astonishing accessories in a Jean Paul Gaultier meets Christian Dior melting pot of futuristic eclectic fashion.