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AF Agger puts a lot of effort and energy into ensuring that each product is of timeless quality & style. They want their products to represent an investment to their customers, not an impulsive one-use purchase. What primarily fuels this, is a drive to pursue sustainable thinking in all aspects of their process. Being a conscious consumer goes a long way. Luckily, nowadays, many sustainable and socially conscious garments are becoming more refined and incredible than ever. Whether they have a fully organic and sustainable, cradle to cradle, production, make use of second-hand materials or simply make lifelong-lasting unique garments, they all make for a better investment, both for yourself and the planet we all inhabit. The Danish brand was founded in 2012 by Kathrine Agger, with a goal of disrupting the way people think about clothing. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in London she had extensive insights into crafting beautiful garments and silhouettes, but also knowledge of how to source luxury materials with natural fibers. She uses these techniques and materials to create collections that are rooted in an understated and effortless aesthetic, always focusing on one center piece garment, and building the rest around it. One of these center pieces are the oversized, water-resistant jackets, that come in beige and black. Taking inspiration from sea officer uniforms, it reinterprets the traditional silhouette of the trench coat, by exaggerating the buttoned collar and sleeve latches and embracing a cropped, oversized fit. It's made in, long lasting, british water resistant cotton twill, with a comfy corduroy lining in the collar. The jacket's, minimal, timeless and uniquely refined design is a testament to AF Agger's philosophy: resisting the label of being "a fashion brand" and instead focusing on creating products that are worth investing in.