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Located at the intersection of fashion and performance clothing is ROA. Functionality is the keyword at the brand, known for its pioneering use of materials and its ultra-technical products, favored by fashion enthusiasts as well as passionate hikers. ROA embodies the current spirit in a period where the gorp core trend peaks and manages in the best way possible to create a balanced convergence between the technical qualities that outdoor clothing requires and being fashion-forward with their latest styles. Forcella della Roa is the hiking resort that has inspired both the name and the logo with its stylized and minimalist illustration of the mountain top. The brand was born out of a meeting between experts from the fashion world and the technical footwear designer, Maurizio Quaglia in 2015. Using advanced techniques and avant-garde materials, the two areas are merged and the appeal for which the products are characterized is created. An appeal especially addressed to the citizen of the world, who wants to conquer all the paths and streets of life, without sacrificing aesthetics. Where fashion brands have previously been aesthetically inspired by outdoor clothing, the requirements have now been raised and the search for authenticity has begun. Luckily it can be found in the technologically advanced products from ROA. Launching their RTW-line, debuting in 2022, they have started a new chapter, which we are proud to take part in. Their characteristic and technical expertise forms the agenda for the collection, which ensures us being dressed for the countless experiences the nature makes possible with comfort in place.