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Clarks Originals is one of the oldest standing icons in footwear. The heritage of this English shoe manufacturer is as iconic as it is unexpected. Turn back time to 1825, two brothers from Somerset, England set out to create shoes in a very unconventional way. They made slippers from the cut-offs of rugs. Sustainable before sustainability was even in the dictionary. Throughout the decades, Clarks have created robust, quality styles for anyone between soldiers and students. Just like the customer base, the image and identity of Clarks is very different depending on who you ask, and which century we find ourselves in. It has gone from dorky school shoe to coveted streetwear, especially after the many collaborations with skateboard brand and cult streetwear icon Supreme (Other collaborators include, Wu-Tang's clothing label Wu-Wear, Kith Los Angeles and Drake's record label OVO). Although they produce a variety of different leather and suede shoes the shoe most people will instantly recognize is the Wallabee. It's unmistakable and truly unlike any other shoe, which is most likely why it's almost always the shoe in question in all of Clarks collaborations. The sole is made in a rugged tall rubber material and the upper is all suede. Some would instantly discard it as a grandpa slipper, but if styled properly it completes the perfect vintage look.