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The Milanese luxury brand that made quirky cool. The glam, chic and sexy still has a place in fashion, however not all women feel connected to these aesthetics anymore. This is something Marni, among others, have recognized. Marni is for women who want to feel powerful, while comfortable. Sexy, while loose. And cosy, while fashionable. To Marni's creative director Francesco Risso, one doesn't cancel out the others. He seamlessly matches incredibly crafted luxury handbags, with thick soled leather sandals, and knitted sweaters. The reason it all works together is the incredible attention to detail, and the unique mix of patterns, fabrics, prints and colors. This successful alignment can easily be credited to Marni's continuous experimentation with these aspects, facilitated by beautiful craftsmanship. The pieces go hand in hand, while easily separable and worn with virtually any item in the modern woman's wardrobe. The Trunk Bag is especially known and recognized as one of Marni's most appraised pieces. In stoy you will find a very wide assortment of these handbags. So, whether you prefer colorful, toned, or black, we'll have just the one for you.