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Health is wealth. Something that, most likely, has crossed a lot of minds lately as a result of the current, dull, circumstances. The small things matter these days. Whether it is a walk in nature, meditation or dips in cold seas and rivers, we all have to find joy in the small things are still able to do for ourselves. One person has championed healthy living, a fulfilling lifestyle and conscious ideals for while now. You might know her from instagram or the American urban media platform Complex, but we know her for her simple, comfy and essentials clothing brand; Sporty & Rich. Since 2015 the brand has promoted and embodied what it means to lead a modern, healthy lifestyle in the 21st century. Their online platform is stocked full with educational insights, articles and music playlists that, definitely, are worth a read and listen. Sporty & Rich produces minimal collections of essentials like hoodies, t-shirts, hats and tote bags, that all fall under the category of affordable luxury. The soft materials, comfy fit and pleasant color schemes are extremely inviting and accessible. Combine this with a very conscious and sustainable attitude towards production and you have the recipe for a very attractive lifestyle brand that is appealing to subscribe to. This conscious mindset also goes beyond fashion and clothing. Sporty & Rich has used its' success and profits to support a plethora of various socially just causes, like, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, LGBTQ Freedom Fund, No Kid Hungry and Color of Change, just to name a few.