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Martin Margiela founded his maison in Paris 1988. He had no money at the time, but wielded with ambition and unparalleled talent he shook the fashion world to its' core. Deconstructed, used clothing from Paris' vintage boutiques was paired with saran wrap heels and two toed tabi boots put on masked models and shown in old cinemas, laundry mats and ghettos. It stood in stark contrast with the glamorous and grand fashion shows at the peak of Parisian chic. From afar it seemed chaotic, loosely put together and unprofessional, but up close you could see the all the thoughts that went into each garment, each show, each collection. To this day, the idea of being unconventional, going against the stream, lives on at Maison Margiela. The iconic numbered neck-tag labelling, the replica sneakers and the tabi boots have all evolved and elevated the house to new, unimaginable, heights - Martin Margiela laid the blueprint for a truly extraordinary fashion house that continuous to innovate, challenge conventionality and create beautiful, luxurious products, on his behalf.