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The Salomon S/LAB XT-6 Softground, or XT-6, stands as a testament to both its sophisticated name and design. Born from the expertise of Salomon's S/LAB team, renowned for crafting gear for elite trail-running athletes, the XT-6 has transcended its athletic roots to become a fashion icon. Today, it graces the streets of global metropolises asfrequently as it conquers rugged trails. Its lineage, tracing back through iterations like the XT Wings, reflects a continuous evolution aimed at refining its performance whileretaining itscore essence. Crafted by Benjamin Grenet, Salomon's Lead Footwear Designer, the XT-6's bold design accentuates its technological prowess, making it a visual spectacle. This synthesis of performance and style has propelled the XT-6 to prominence, captivating both trail runners and fashion aficionados alike.