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Is it time for ANOTHER ASPECT? – A question that describes the basic philosophy for the company. The Copenhagen-bound company creates refined menswear, created exclusively from recycled fibers, deadstock-fabric, and organic materials. stoy will represent a selection of their collection, which includes a selection of shirts, trousers, jackets, vests, and coats. Their perception of responsible design is rooted in the idea that a product is no better than the material it is made of. Therefore, the company spends a lot of time selecting the right materials for their collection. This also means awareness and basic understanding of the entire lifecycle of each product – from the CO2 footprints in production to an understanding of how to potentially extend the life cycle through an understanding of the customer's consumption and alternatives, such as recycling and donation. The concept behind ANOTHER ASPECT is based on the philosophy of aesthetic sustainability. Sustainability is reflected in their design of long-life and timeless products. The inspiration to create products with a longer lifetime comes from a look at the wardrobes of the older generations, which are not characterized by current trends and tendencies. Before designing their first collection, the three designers observed the streets and humans of Copenhagen. They asked the people wearing inspiring clothes about their background stories. The personal anecdotes about their clothing created inspiration for several of the products in their first collection, such as their trench coat. The collections can therefore be seen as reinterpretations of the men's wardrobes' classics, which they combine with multifunctional elements, thereby creating more flexible products that meet the needs of the modern man. Their seasonal, functional, and classic products are designed to nudge the customer into buying less and better products.