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“For Feelings Of Tennis, Anywhere” Palmes Tennis Society is a Danish menswear brand, founded in the summer of 2021 by Nikolaj Hansson. When it comes to their design-DNA, tennis culture plays a big role. Palmes manages to create styles that can be used both on and off the tennis court. The brand strives to incorporate a modern approach to the sport and its culture with its many unique styles.The idea behind Palmes Tennis Society arose during corona, when the founder Nikolaj Hansson was bored at home. Sport has always played a big role in his life. When he was little he was interested in football, later skateboarding and today, tennis is his biggest obsession. The new fascination with tennis required Nikolaj Hansson to go out and invest in some equipment. However, it soon became apparent that the selection was limited. You could choose either high performance sports brands or as he says, "go the nostalgic route" and invest in the old brands. It was here that Nikolaj Hansson saw a gap in the market, and threw himself into a new adventure to create tennis clothing that both he and others can identify with. Palmes has a wide range and produces everything from sportswear such as shorts and t-shirts to menswear, where you can get shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and trousers. In addition, Palmes also sells tennis-related accessories such as tennis balls, towels and drinking bottles. Beige, black, navy, army and burgundy are the most common colors at Palmes, who, in addition to the many classic color combinations, also manage to create a classic and simple expression in their design. The production of the clothes and their accessories takes place in Europe where environmentally friendly materials are used, regardless of whether they are recycled or organic. Palmes has a goal that their clothes should be used for as long as possible, and the maintenance of the clothes is therefore incredibly important.