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In 2015, Karl-Oskar Olsen, co-founder and creative director of Wood Wood, decided to explore a, seemingly, uncharted territory in fashion. Cycling wear & apparel. Already an adept cycling enthusiast, Karl-Oskar, had an insider perspective of the category. However, he felt that none of the available cycling wear appealed to him in terms of design. Therefore, he decided to create his own label, in an attempt to reinvent cycle clothes and apparel in a contemporary fashion context, mixing technically perfect and utilitarian clothing with visionary aesthetics. The result: Pas Normal Studios. Pas Normal means “not normal” in English. The words first came up as a graphic on Wood Wood t-shirts in early 2015 but has since evolved into an entity of its’ own. “Pas normal” was originally a reference to the sceptic commentary surrounding Lance Armstrong’s overarching era of superiority in the Tour de France but has since evolved and found its way into the ethos of the Danish design studio, under the same name. "Pas Normal was no longer a reference to Lance but meant as a description of how we see ourselves in the cycling industry" Karl-Oskar Olsen – Founder & Artistic Director. Pas Normal Studios seeks a position of “the odd man out” in cycling wear. They seamlessly combine a modern contemporary fashion pallet with functionality and effortless utility. This is especially apparent in their “Off-Race” collection. This is Pas Normal Studio’s take on urban activewear that applies itself as minimalistic casual wear for everyday use within the framework of an active lifestyle. In the five years the label has existed it has managed to create a unique and flourishing community around their passion for cycling, dubbed the “international cycling club”. This community is centred around the plethora of captivating stories and participatory events that surround the brand. These include several tours of the many country roads in Denmark, cold forest landscapes in Sweden, and the beautiful mountainsides of Mallorca, a trues cyclist’s paradise. What started as a new take of cycling apparel has since evolved into the movement and lifestyle that surrounds this unique Danish brand. “Not normal” studios have found a new niche and created a unique and vibrant universe around it, that highlights the fluidity of fashion, performance and lifestyle.