Proenza Schouler

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Proenza Schouler has played a crucial role in the revival of American fashion since the brand was founded in 2002. Since then, the brand has been innovators on the fashion scene in New York. Their design language is evident throughout the range, ranging widely from accessories to ready-to-wear. The designers' philosophy is clear - they want to design a complete and modern wardrobe for today's intelligent, adult, and urban women.

Standing behind Proenza Schouler are the two Parsons-trained designers, Jack McCollough, and Lazaro Hernandez. The brand is named after their mothers' original surnames - an elegant tribute to motherhood, their own past, and femininity. Their inspiration stems from the great artists and an overriding love of craftsmanship. They themselves ask the question: Is there anything more luxurious than something made by hand? Is there anything more luxurious than time? The answer is simple. No. Because no one has it anymore.

Their collections combine art with high-end craftsmanship in the most beautiful way. The inspiration and process are abstract - a collection always starts with a feeling, which then develops into silhouettes. Their designs must always include a balance between two extremes, the polished and the unpolished. The design expression appears with ease that arises in the fusion of the craft and the attention to detail with imperfection. The brand has been awarded several prestigious awards for its extraordinary advances in women's fashion, including the inaugural CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2004. Through collaborations with brands such as Birkenstock, they have simply emphasized their important role in the fashion industry, and today the brand represents the perfect blend of refined luxury, everyday chic, and elegance.