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Three stripes. A more in-depth introduction is almost unnecessary. These three stripes are the main characteristic of the iconic brand, Adidas. With shoe models such as Gazelle, Superstar and Ultraboost, the brand has achieved a form of cult status, both in the sports and fashion industry. In stoy we have a big passion for sneakers – and wants to pay a great tribute to both new models and old classics. This desire is met with Adidas, who time after time delivers some of the best sneakers on the market, season after season. Adidas is one of the world's most famous and popular brands. The brand was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler. Dassler began his career as a shoemaker, which led him to make special footwear for athletes. He later started a business with his brother, where they produced running shoes for athletics. A disagreement between the two brothers resulted in them going their separate ways, each starting their own brand. In 1949, Adolf Dassler founded the brand, Adidas. A shoe - adorned with the iconic three stripes down the side - was one of the company’s first products. The stripes later became the company's ultimate hallmark. Today, Adidas has expanded its range, which now also includes clothing and accessories. The stripes are found on everything from their sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, and track pants to their collection of various accessories. In stoy, we present a large selection from their various collections – including Adidas Originals, characterized by taking the best of the past and combining this with a strong vision for the future. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are keywords that reflect the brand's identity. Diversity is reflected in their choice of people with various backgrounds, and equity by ensuring fair processes across the board. Inclusion comes by creating an environment where everyone is welcome. The individual's uniqueness with all that this entails is embraced at Adidas.