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Pure quality is eternal. Especially when it comes to something as life lasting and personal as jewelry. Sophie Bille Brahe's pieces always seem to capture this eternal and pure feeling, with her extraordinary, yet subtle compositions. Choosing to use superior quality metals and precious stones — primarily freshwater pearls, 18k gold and top VVS Wesselton diamants — lifts each piece of jewelry to the status of wearable art pieces, sound investments and true entities of beauty. These handcrafted pieces immediately activate a sense of unmatched, undisputed luxury. Just like the carefully selected raw materials, Sophie's unique heritage also plays a big role in her design process. Descending from the celebrated Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, the night sky was always something very close to her heart. When you take a deeper look at her designs, you start to recognize these night sky patterns vividly. Stars, clouds, and sky reflections become subtly visible in the harmonious shapes and unique architecture of each piece of jewelry. Her love of storytelling is inherent, and the collection’s references can spring from anything – as well as ancient Egyptian constellations to Venetian mythology. Like small tales or snapshots, jewelry is a communication of present life in its purest form. Nothing is left to the coincidences when Sophie Bille Brahe creates her elegant, modern heirlooms, created to be valued and passed on to future generations.