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Lea Hoyer is a jewellery maker with humble beginnings. Experimenting with a unique technique in her apartment in Aarhus quickly turned from hobby to passion and ultimately a sublime jewellery universe like no other. Melting silver into a bucket of water might seem like a strange activity to most. But not to Lea Hoyer. Wielded with a determination to pursue and perfect this technique, she started producing jewellery with great ambitions. With the help of her younger brother she created her first collection of jewellery in 2017. Since then, the company has evolved, but the philosophy and methods have stayed the same. Lea Hoyer believes that jewellery design doesn't need to follow strict rules and proportionate patterns. Instead she has a more playful and experimental approach. This results in truly unique and organic shapes that cant be replicated. The shapes resemble fluid, melting silver that elegantly shape themselve around the finger, arm and neck. There is a unique motion in way the jewellery moves. They almost seem to change shape depending on which direction you look at them. We advise you to explore the amazing universe and selection of the independent, selfmade designer, Lea Hoyer.