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Andersen-Andersen was established in 2009, a family owned company from Denmark with ambitions to produce knitwear at the highest possible level. Referencing maritime apparel they create unisex workwear collections that simplify the idea of clothing. The garments, whether it be a beanie, sweater or polo, are all knitted to last a lifetime by the best knitters Italy has to offer. Moreover, all of the knitwear is produced using 100% merino wool - comfortable, durable and luxurious. What ties the knot, is Andersen-Andersen's choice to remain completely transparent in terms of production conditions and sourcing of materials. Production is done by a small family run business in northern Italy, who have become dear friends: "Italy has a long, fine tradition in knitwear production. The collaboration we have with our knitter is quite unique and we feel, quite special. Transparency and good communication are key to the partnership. We know every step of the production of our sweaters from sourcing to packaging. Throughout the production, the craftsman take ownership of the garment and the result is a product that is impeccable and long lasting." Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen, Co-owner of Andersen-Andersen. The design journey of Andersen-Andersen started with a wish to create the best sailor sweater in the world. The two founders, Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjaer-Andersen, both sailors and lovers of Danish design, wanted to create something personal and valuable. The brand has evolved since the first sweater came about, but manages to stay true to the simple and minimal philosophies of Scandinavian design. The catalog has widened, but the incredible feeling of quality, craftsmanship and understated luxury is woven through each item.