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Behind Casablanca is French-Moroccan designer, Charaf Tajer. Having previously co-founded high streetwear brand Pigalle and the popular nightclub Le Pompon in Paris, it is an experienced entrepreneur behind the sportswear-inspired menswear brand. Casablanca is based on two central concepts, comfort, and elegance. The pieces are designed to be used on the tennis court, but also afterward with a drink in the sun. It is sportswear seasoned with exclusivity and holiday aesthetics. A look at the collections and your thoughts are drawn to the sun of the south and Morocco's magical color palette with shades of terracotta, pastel, and azure. Tajer's Moroccan background is visible in most of his designs, where fine materials such as silk, terrycloth, and cashmere are pervasive. His collection reflects a love story between Casablanca and Paris with details from his parent's love story and his own childhood. Casablanca is designed in Paris but produced in Casablanca, Morocco. Casablanca's designs are characterized by oversized logos, printed sports dresses, printed t-shirts, baseball caps, graphic sweatshirts, and tote bags. All with a message about wearability whether used for a game of tennis, a drink in the sun, or an evening out in the nightlife.