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Moncler's nylon down jackets have become one of the most iconic winter garments in modern history. Yet, the brand had very humble beginnings. Monestier-de-Clermont, an alpine village in south-eastern France, became the inspiration behind the name Moncler as well as its' place of origin. Established here in 1952, the founders René Ramillon and André Vincent, started out by producing quilted sleeping bags and robust tents. The first down jackets were originally made for workers in factory on the mountainside to wear over their overalls. However, these highly functional products were quickly noticed by a man named Lionel Terray, a French mountaineering icon. This resulted in the first highly specialized collecting of down jackets, gloves and sleeping bags that could protect humans in the harshest climates. Following, these articles were put to the test on a number of Moncler sponsored expeditions in extreme areas of the world, including Alaska, Mount Makalú and many others. The most remarkable was, without a doubt, the very first ascent of K2 (8.611 meters), renowned as the hardest climb in the world, in 1954. Soon, Moncler ventured from mountaineering to winter sports, as they became the official supplier for the French downhill ski team in the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympic Games, right beside Moncler's home turf Monestier-de-Clermont. From here things moved quickly. In 1980, Parisian designer Chantal Thomass recreated their iconic down jackets in a much more urban context. This marked the birth of the recognizable lacquered effect substantiated in very bold colors, accompanied by unique labels, and the brand mark on the sleeve and chest. What was astonishing about these jackets, apart from their wild look and colors, was their playfulness. On some jackets the sleeves could be zipped off, turning it into a down vest, and many others were reversible, revealing not one, but two bold colors in one jacket. This genius and playful approach in the 80's transitioned Moncler into the next phase, as they were acquired by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, in 2003, who still holds the position of managing director in the company. Mountaineering, winter sports, and now fashion were, at this point, solidified in the history of Moncler. While never ceasing to forget or neglect the first two, fashion has arguably taken the driver's seat for the French winter-wear titan. Initially, this resulted in the launch of their first female Haute Couture collection 'Moncler Gamme Rouge' in 2006, as well as a mens collection designed by the legendary American designer Thom Browne named 'Moncler Gamme Bleu'. While staying true to their sporting DNA, the Moncler universe had now evolved. Fast forward to 2018, the two Gamme collections would be replaced with a collaborative creative project that unified some of fashions biggest names under the label Moncler Genius. The roster includes Fragment's Hiroshi Fujiwara, Palm Angels' Francesco Ragazzi and Alyx's Matthew Williams to name a few. This project gives the designers freedom to interpret Moncler's designs in their own ways. “A strong energy comes from when you mix different people, different generations, different cultures [...] our motto is one house, different voices.” Remo Ruffini, Managing Director of Moncler. As this statement suggests, the philosophy of Moncler Genius is centered around creating a mix of different creative minds that all bring something new and unique to the table. Without a shred of doubt, Moncler has taken a great leap from the lonely mountaintop it was founded upon in 1952. It has managed to evolve with time and continues to stay at the forefront of luxury outerwear to this day. This is the reason why we at stoy take great pride in offering a broad selection of both men's and women's Moncler items, from the timeless down jackets, to the innovative Genius collaborations. So, whether you are looking for the winter jacket of a lifetime or the newest designs we can help you find exactly what you seek.